Innovation Philadelphia

Innovation does not just happen. It is driven. And the drive for innovation begins here.

Philadelphia has a history of leading innovation, generating new and progressive ideas, and turning these ideas into reality. This ability to beinnovative is critical for a competitive advantage, not just for the private sector, but for regions as well. Innovation Philadelphia has developed an innovative strategy, comprised of three integrated initiatives to drive economic growth in the Philadelphia region, which include:

Cultivating the For-Profit Creative Economy – develop business resources; entrepreneurial assistance; and marketing, networking, and educational initiatives to make Philadelphia’s for-profit creative economy a leading source of jobs and wealth in the Philadelphia region.

Attracting and Retaining Young Professionals – create initiatives to facilitate career and network development; link young professionals to employment opportunities; and showcase Philadelphia to young professionals as a place to live, work and play. Young professionals are critical to fuel economic growth and fill the pipeline with innovative thinkers who will become future entrepreneurs and business and civic leaders in Philadelphia.

Generating Innovative Ideas – host interactive discussions, called Innovation Forums, to bring diverse groups of innovative thinkers together to define Philadelphia’s future and develop ideas for growth. Innovation Philadelphia will use technology and electronic mediums such as blogs, webinars and webcasts to seek and gather other ideas. Innovation Philadelphia also partners with great innovators such as Roofing Vancouver, Drainage, and Chimney Specialist (Main Site) to help with our residential and commercial constructions.